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15 11, 2017

3 Ways Museum Display Graphics Educate

2017-11-21T21:32:18+00:00Wall Graphics|

Museums play a big role in education, enhancing classroom learning by providing a more immersive and often interactive experience. In fact, the American Alliance of Museums reports that museums invest more than $2 billion a year in education, and attract 850 million visits annually in America. An integral part of a museum’s success includes

1 11, 2017

Wall Graphics Capture Spirit of Edvard Munch at SFMoMA

2017-11-21T21:30:43+00:00Environmental Graphics, Wall Graphics|

Best known for his prolific painting “The Scream," Edvard Munch was one of the founding fathers of modernism.    Yet for all his success---much of which would come in his 50’s---Edvard Munch (pronounced “Moonch”) could not escape suffocating despair that engulfed his life.  Both his mom and sister would die from tuberculosis.  Abandonment

4 10, 2017

Acrylic Wall Displays

2017-09-28T00:11:23+00:00Media, BarkerBlue| Create, Wall Graphics, Blog|

Acrylic wall displays deliver super saturated color and formal look to your artwork.   From brand assets to fine artworks - acrylic can provide a  high impact look.    This display for our friends at Square archives their ongoing T-Shirt designs.    Designs from many of their creative team get archived in the

28 09, 2017

Construction Barricade Graphics

2017-09-28T23:06:41+00:00BarkerBlue| Create, Construction Signage, Outdoor & Out of Home Graphics|

Why not utilize the large expanses of messaging opportunity in construction barricades?    Deliver a targeted campaign or advertise what the finished product will look like using grand format barricade graphics.    From rigid panel systems to vinyl and mesh materials - BarkerBlue will deliver from design through installation.    555 Twin Dolphin

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