5 12, 2017


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It sounds like the kiss of death: letting your brand or image go soft.  But often that’s exactly what’s called for.  Especially when “soft” means displaying your brand or image on fabric.  Most people think T-shirts or clothing when you suggest branded textiles, which is certainly a fun application.  However, now you can quickly create very

20 11, 2017

BarkerBlue Sees 5 Positive Signs of Green Growth at GreenBuild17

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"There's no denying that the use of green (building) materials is on the rise. According to an October report from Research and Markets, the world's sustainable construction materials market for the commercial buildings sector will reach $187 billion by 2026." (Construction Dive News Brief, November 16, 2017) Back from the Greenbuild17 Expo in

10 07, 2017

Getting Graphic at Google

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Earlier this month google put on an event for small businesses from across the country to attend. They spiced things up by decorating with temporary window graphics, and outdoor, custom directional signage and, my personal favorite, a clever map for businesses to show their spirit by indicating where home was for them!

19 09, 2016

Event Graphics for Criteo!

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Have you heard of Criteo? They are an online advertising and retargeting agency with offices all over the world. Last month the events team at Criteo called on us to see if we could help bring their 2016 Investor & Analyst event to life. Having worked together with our clients on similar projects for almost

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