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30 08, 2017

“Revolt, They Said” Andrea Geyer

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"Based on a continually evolving drawing, Revolt, They Said is a wall-sized diagram that takes the viewer through a network of 850 women who made an indelible impact on the American cultural landscape. Geyer’s hand-drawn lines chart professional relationships, friendships, commitments, and alliances among Bliss, Rockefeller, Sullivan, and a vast web of artists, collectors, cultural

17 08, 2017

Color Pop Tutorial

2017-08-14T22:48:36+00:00Media, BarkerBlue| Create, Environmental Graphics, Wall Graphics, Blog|

Want a wall like this one? We created large format wall graphics for Streamline earlier this month and wanted to share with our viewers a few little DIY tips for photoshopping an image like the ones for this office space. Once you've created the image you like contact us and we can help

15 08, 2017

Tech Industry shows their style | Google Walls

2017-08-14T23:13:12+00:00Media, BarkerBlue| Create, Environmental Graphics, Wall Graphics, Blog|

Google asked BarkerBlue to create custom wall graphics for the walls of Google Mathilda. In line with their programing based company the designers at Google asked for walls demonstrating their industry. As you can see above. Their project team has turned an ordinary hallway used for storage into a game-like space, sure to

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