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5 12, 2017


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It sounds like the kiss of death: letting your brand or image go soft.  But often that’s exactly what’s called for.  Especially when “soft” means displaying your brand or image on fabric.  Most people think T-shirts or clothing when you suggest branded textiles, which is certainly a fun application.  However, now you can quickly create very

15 09, 2017

Fall is here!

2017-09-08T22:01:57+00:00Retail Graphics, Windows & Glass Graphics, BarkerBlue| Create, Media, Blog|

Fall is here and with it comes a change in seasons for all retail stores! BarkerBlue in a continued positive relationship with Macey's was able to lend our services by redoing the interior signage and window banners just in time for back to school. Check out the work below!

19 06, 2017

Summer of Love | Macy’s

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the historic Summer of Love, where hippies gathered in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco to protest consumerist values, celebrate art, love and music and show their discontent with the Vietnam war. BarkerBlue teamed up with Macy’s to do it’s part in commemorating the exciting event.

8 02, 2017

Dior and BarkerBlue go BIG at Macy’s!

2017-06-20T03:30:38+00:00Retail Graphics, Outdoor & Out of Home Graphics, Wall Graphics, BarkerBlue| Create, Blog|

Earlier this year we were called on by the marketing team at Dior and the team at Macy’s downtown San Francisco. They wanted our help with producing and installing these oversized windows facing Union Square in time for Valentine’s day. Once again both the client and BarkerBlue team were satisfied with the stunning results.

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